Are you wondering what makes cashmere sweaters so expensive compared to other kinds of wools? Well, there nothing else that could give you the soft warm and very comfortable touch that cashmere sweaters could certainly give you! Moreover, those fashionable threads of clouds and rainbow material is made from 100% cashmere goats; which is known to be the only animal that can produce the luxurious and topmost coveted fibers.

cashmere Cashmere: Why So Expensive

Production of cashmere skirts, cardigans, sweaters and other accessories are costly and materials are scarce and it makes it so special and expensive. Don’t you know that takes more than two cashmere goats just to produce a single two-ply sweater? Additionally, the process is so meticulous that the fibers of the warming and comforting undercoat must be first separated from the coarse protective top coating during the molting season. It is a labor intensive process that involves sorting and combing the hair stands using hands. These are the contributing factors that contribute to a low global production rate of cashmere products. Approximately, there are about 6,500 metric tons of pure cashmere versus the target that is 2 million metric tons of sheep wools.

Cashmere Scarf 196x300 Cashmere: Why So Expensive

But, not all cashmere can be equal quality and luxe! The texture, length, and color of the fiber can greatly affect the manufacturing and pricing. Basically, the whiter the cashmere fibers the lesser the dye applied. The more dye applied will lessen the natural softness of the by-product. Its quality also depends on its country of origin. For example, inner Mongolia produces one of the finest hair and the highest quality of garments. It is because goats have more meager diet due to the harsh winter in the region. Still, even the highest quality and best raw materials can be affected by the sub—par finishing process. Its fineness is also a result of careful spinning and weaving of the fabric. That’s how meticulous it is to produce the world dream cashmere sweaters, cardigans, skirts and other accessories!

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